Our Services

Gramma offers integrated agroenergetic solutions structured around the High Agricultural Yield PV greenhouse

Together with its strategic partners, Gramma will assist its clients hroughout the process starting from the development phase all the way through to farming.
In particular we will provide:

Engineering and Design

Through our extensive R&D and proof of concept, we have developed extensive techniques to optimise the design of our PV Greenhouse for:

  • different geographical locations and latitudes
  • different types of cultivation (e.g. horticulture, fruit trees, etc.)
  • different climates and cultivation techniques (hydroponic, in ground, etc.)

Agronomical Support

Our PV Greenhouse is designed primarily as an effective agricultural tool. For this reason we take great care in studying and documenting the agronomical performance of our greenhouses
To interested clients, we can provide the detailed studies and observations conducted throughout a 3 years long agronomical experimentation
Our experts and agronomists are available to support our customers as they begin to farm the Gramma PV Greenhouse

Our Partners

Complete Turnkey Solutions

Specialized in greenhouses with integrated PV technology, Cultiveco is based in Germany and provides turnkey services supporting all activities: custom design, project planning, construction and commissioning for Gramma PV greenhouses

PV System Supplier

The founders of GP Joule, Petersen and Gaertner, installed their first PV plants in the farms of their families in Germany in 2003 – 2004.
Today the company has around 170 employees and offices in Europe, Canada and the United States www.gp-joule.eu

Thanks to a consistent background in steel structures and a constant R&D approach, the modular steel structures for PV systems of Metalsistem allow an efficient boltless assembly www.metalsistem.com