Concept and Technology

Together with experienced engineers and agronomists our PV
greenhouse was designed to:

  • maximise light transmittance
  • generate natural convection to improve climate control
  • minimise internal shadowing and maximise light reflection

The design characteristics have been developed and optimised in
partnership with the Politecnico di Milano University


Proof of Concept: Agronomical Experimentation

In 2011 we developed a 500 sqm advanced testing facility in Apulia (Italy)
The experimentation has been conducted by the agronomists of one of the largest Italian greenhouse operators


The results through multiple cycles
have proven that

the agronomical yield of the Gramma GH is the same of a non-PV greenhouse

Technical Specs of the Gramma PV greenhouse

  • Single sided, south facing canopy
  • PV panels covering c. 50% of the roof, no specific panel technology or brand requirement
  • Power density: c. 1,000kWp/Ha greenhouse built



Euro patent 10175234.3
Euro design 001206361
International Patent PCT/IT2012/0000164

Why does the Gramma GH work better than traditional PV greenhouses?

Light transmittance!

Gramma greenhouse: 90%
Other PV greenhouses: max 50%